“Yemen Unveiled” is among the 45 films selected for the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin 2019. The documentary film, part of the section “Voices From a Troubled World”, was presented on 19th September, 8 pm, at the Cinema Kino in der Kulturbrauerei and on 21 September, 9 pm, at the Cinema Yorck Kino in Berlin.

“Film plays a crucial role in the discussion surrounding human rights, both as a vehicle for educating and for raising awareness. At the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB) -affirms the Festival director Anna Ramskogler-Witt- the selected documentaries provide authentic and emotional insights into the problems we face as a globalized society, while they remind us of the significance of human rights in creating the peaceful coexistence that we seek”. https://www.humanrightsfilmfestivalberlin.de/en/short-films-yemen