“Fortaleza Mexico” is a 20 minutes documentary film realized on assignment for the AVSI Foundation in Mexico. «Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla are three Mexican states characterized by high rates of poverty and marginalization, but also by an organized civil society that is sensitive to many different issues, and committed to the community. These Civil Society Organizations often address the needs that government authorities do not meet. However, they face big internal challenges, such as a lack of resources and limited operational or administrative capacities -the AVSI Foundation affirms on their website-. These are the reasons why the project “Polo para la Ciudadanía Participativa” (“Pole for Participative Citizenship”) came into play in 2017. With the financial support of the European Union, it allowed a consortium formed by AVSI Foundation, Sikanda A.C., SEPICJ A.C. and Centro Lindavista to strengthen the capacities of more than 190 Collectives and Civil Society Organizations. The program helped them solve issues of organizational planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization and participation in public policies».