The Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography awards freelance photographers and videographers reporting stories of community resilience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. My project “Blooming Flowers”, about migrants in Italy who work in the country’s agricultural sector, received an honorable mention by the jury composed of Pete Souza, former Chief Official White House Photographer — Jessica Lim, Director of Angkor Photo Festival — Katherine Pomerantz, Director of Photography, TIME Magazine — Walter Astrada, Photographer.

18-year-old Somali refugee Kayse Cabdilaahi Samatar looks at some wheat seeds with Massimiliano Bove Ferrigno, owner of the farm of the same name, where he is doing an internship. Thanks to the “F.I.O.R.I. in the field” project, some small businesses in the Vallo di Diano area, are contributing to the socio-professional integration of migrants in the agricultural sector. Padula, Italy 2021. © Matteo Bastianelli