On assignment in Mexico for the 50th anniversary of the AVSI Foundation, I have documented how the life of some communities in the state of Oaxaca have changed, having access to clean water for domestic and agricultural use. “Previously the women of these
communities had to walk 5 kilometers for two buckets of water, now having it at home -says Patricia Eduviges Silva López, leader of the local NGO “MUDEM”- they just have to open the tap of the tank to get water. They save time, effort and are confident that their right to water is respected”. https://www.avsi.org/parteaguas

Patricia Eduviges Silva López, teacher and leader of the local NGO MUDEM, is seen together with some women of the indigenous community of Santa Catarina Estancia, working on the waterproofing of a rainwater harvesting tank to prepare it for the rainy season, using a natural paint based on water, nopal, salt and lime. Santiago Ayuquililla, Mexico 2022.