A trip suspended in time to Italy, whose landscape is the place of fight between beauty and voracity, suggestion and ineptitude, the undeniable expression of man’s incoherence in front of the spectacles and the force of nature.

This project stems from my concern to document a scenery stopped and changeable at the same time, where the man is an extra and the beautiful and wild Italian landscape is the main character. A stage where the unmoved firmness of the ancient times crashes into the fruit of modernity, where the landscape has to face people’s daily lives, and together, they have to change through time according to their habits, their production methods and the resources exploitation of the countryside. Since the post-war period Italy has been radically changed, driven by several urges that were guided by excitement and the will to rebirth. Public and private activities, which by their nature imply a presence on the ground, have often been carried out in a superficial manner, with no plan. The imagination and wildness which in the past led great artists and visionaries to the territory development, for decades they have altered and continue to mark the land in their lowest form, driven by destructive pressures disregarding the semantic value of the landscape. From the illegal building on the fascinating Sardinian beaches to the confused conurbation on the outskirts of Rome, where buildings and cars are geometrically pigeonholed, so as to almost hold the balance of existing structures. The city centre and the nearby outskirts are equally forced into a context that oppresses both constructions and people into a twisted and unplanned drawing. Once, the landscape was highly shown in a number of interventions that were the synthesis of an idea matured over time. Interventions that gave back the senses and mind of an entire culture. Today, they are the result of carelessness and ambitions of a society enslaved to a profit economy, driven by consumerism that erodes also the stability of the urban landscape.

BEAUTIFUL & WILD (2015-2017)