In 2003 Patrizia became a part of the one billion, six hundred thousand people who hardly manage to find decent accommodation in the world.

Once divorced Patrizia lost not only her house but also the love of her two sons, Marco and Michele. Then, finally, she lost part of her own identity, but never her dignity as a human being. «Good God! Nobody wants to follow in my footsteps – she says – because most couldn’t handle it. How can I explain? They call me one of the “living dead”. It is like being dead as I only live in this world in the flesh. Not everyone could do it». Her family doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. She spends her days in her confined surroundings, sometimes talking about moments and memories that she truly experienced and others of things that are only figments of her imagination. Patrizia always lives alone, although, every so often Carlo, another homeless person who lives in “Termini Station” in Rome, goes to Velletri to keep her company. At first Patrizia slept in the street, then in an old car and now, after six years, in a little roulotte that she received as a gift from a big-hearted woman. Today the Red Cross and Caritas help her out with provisions, while she gets a modest subsidy from the social service councillorship of Rome. Only recently she got a council house.