The worst flood of the century. Bosnia Herzegovina and all the Occidental Balkans, have been hit by the overflow of the rivers along all the country.

Weeks of rains and maybe also some mistakes in the coordination of the dams, caused the rivers Drina, Neretva and Trebisnjica – the biggest river in Europe for underground stream- to burst its banks among different zones. Just the river Trebisnjica, in the region of Herzegovina, around Popovo Polje, has completely overflown the village of Ravno. Trees and crops are submerged. Roads and villages completely flooded. An unreal atmosphere that keep the large area of water in suspense, between the swamped environment and the mountains above. Around 17 kilometers of land completely flooded, with pylons in the middle of  the new lake born just 20 days ago, with a water level growing up 2 cm per hour, that is already 7 meters. Twenty days after the overflow, the water level goes down about 4 meters. Roads and pylons submerged by the floods reappear, but a lots of crops were completely lost in the flood. The damages for agriculture are incalculable.