This reportage was realized on July 28-29th 2017 on assignment
for “Finansavisen”- The Norwegian Financial Daily

In the temples of bespoke, the keywords are elegance and sartorial mastery. They do not serve to get into a tough neighborhood in Naples, but they are a way of life at the centre of a simple and timeless concept: to be and to wear as the perfect gentlemen.

The Ariadne’s thread here is for juggling the over 200 tailor’s shops located around a maze of streets and alleys, where history and tradition blend in the city’s social fabric. In 1351 in the shadow of Vesuvius, the “Confraternita dei Sartori” was established, right around the time that Naples was a point of reference for fashion and lifestyle of that period, as much as London and Paris. After about six centuries, Naples launched a menswear fashion revolution with the Neapolitan suit jacket: unstructured, soft and impeccable, with as many variants and interpretations as there are active masters of the sartorial art in the Parthenopean city. Basting stitches on navy blue colored fabrics are like white silhouettes of small boats moored in the little ports of the gulf. Chalk, needle, thread and big scissors: the tools of the trade. Along with the “piece of cheese”, a wooden outline in the shape of a crescent, used to baste the front of the suit jacket, the cuff of the pocket and used while ironing. And “the donkey”, that is used to baste shoulders and armholes. A perfect mix of technique and heart, tradition and innovation. At the core of everything are the attention to detail, the cut, the seam and the fine fabrics that made Italian and international customers fall in love with them forever. Along with tailored suits, suit jackets, shirts, shoes and ties. Maniacal for details, but also light as clothes hanging in the sun in the alleys, with bold cuts reminding the games of light between columns and noble buildings. Naples has been wearing many labels over time, but the one that fits it better is: handmade, in Naples. In a true and also British style, for some of the finest men of our time.