Realized on assignment for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and National Geographic Magazine

A trip suspended in time to Yemen, whose landscape is a theatre of war between beauty and destruction, splendor and desolation.

The ongoing armed conflict in Yemen affected all aspects of social life, resulting in serious challenges for the provision of public services, such as waste management, electricity and water supply. The consequences for the environment are disastrous and are contributing to the deterioration of public health. The beauty of the scenery clashes visibly with the scars etched upon man-made structures. The jagged mountains looming up over inhabited areas, the rocky crags and the tremendous peaks, the ways through which nature articulates itself, seem to admonish people, as a reminder of the chaos that has been ravaging the country for almost 4 years now. The polluted wells and the infected water, last year alone, caused more than one million cases of diarrhea and cholera. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) hundreds of suspected cases of diphtheria have also been reported in Yemen, where the disease has re-emerged as the country’s health system has been weakened by ongoing war and a blockade on essential goods. Barricades of stones, garbage, makeshift shelters and collapsed buildings change the identity of the landscape, revealing and withholding at the same time, the signs of an invisible war. A documentation of the impact that the destruction of the environment is having on the country, nowadays on the brink of collapse.